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Movemakers develops and manufactures safe sport equipment. User friendliness and versatility are the key things taken into account during the design phase. The products are made of plastic material and designed to last.

Movemakers Safe Sport Equipment encourage children to be active and grow healthy and also motivate them to try athletics events, that earlier couldn’t be practised safely. The equipment can be used for playing, training and competitions in kindergardens, schools, athletic clubs as well as in parks and your home yard.

Movemakers is interested in children’s welfare and physical education. Through sports children grow healthier and develop competition skills as well as team spirit. When we encourage children to practise different disciplines, the safety of equipment is a very important factor and Movemakers Safe Equipment meet this criteria.

The Safe equipment can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The range of products includes: Safe javelin, Safe discus, Safe hammer , Safe run hurdles, Safe step hurdles, Safe training pole and Safe high jump stand.

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